Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tales from Feet to the Fire

As I said a few times at the inaugural Feet to the Fire festival, I'm not sure a parking lot filled to the brim with cars is exactly cause to celebrate, but it did mean that during the festival's five hours, an appreciative crowd roamed Veteran's Park.

Organizers have already called the festival a success, but it was more the diverse mix of students and townies, seniors and pre-schoolers, academics and neighbors that demonstrated that a festival which uses art to inform about the environment, is a creative, and innovative way to tackle an immediate problem.

An while my sons' entire pre-school class seemed most intent on scooping tadpoles from an impromptu puddle on the site, there was food, music, activities, drama and even a circus.

For me it was bumping into dozens of friends and acquaintances, and getting a real sense of community.

I hope today's response bodes well for seeing a second F2F.

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