Friday, May 23, 2008

Galway Girl

I somehow wandered onto Sharon Shannon's site because I saw a posting on the Pogue's site that Shane MacGowan was performing as part of Shannon's big band.

She's such a great box player.

I found this ad for Irish hard cider. What could be better; a glass of cider, Sharon Shannon on accordion, and Steve Earle.

Also, sadly, I found that Shannon suffered a devastating loss earlier this month as her life parter Leo Healy died unexpectedly in his sleep at age 46. Condolences to Shannon and the Healy family.

As bad news often follows good, Shannon last year hit the Irish pop charts with a version of Earle's Galway Girl recorded with Irish Country-Western and Americana group Mundy.
Which also won a Meteor Award for most downloaded song. Mundy is also part of Shannon's big band tour, which unfortunately is not booked for the U.S. as yet.

Meanwhile, bad boy Shane MacGowan is dallying with his bad boy protege Pete Doherty who these days heads Babyshambles.

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