Friday, May 9, 2008

Rhyming for War Inc.

John Cusack's new movie, War Inc., spares no venom for those who lied and manipulated to get us into a neverending war. The movie opens in New York and LA next week, and RawStory is offering tickets to the showing to winners of an Iraq War limerick contest. I felt inspired by my fury.

Here are my entries:

Imagine a war without end
Where money and bodies we send
To fill up the pockets
Of the men who make rockets
While at home they play “patriot pretend.”

There was a recruit from Nantucket
Whose remains were sent home in a bucket
His parents were sad
And his friends were all mad
“But it’s war,” said Dick Cheney, “So fuck it.”

“I wear my flag pin with great pride,”
Young Republicans say dewy-eyed.
But when asked to enlist
They simply desist
“I’ve got asthma, (cough, cough),” then they hide.

While draftees caught shrapnel in ‘Nam, a
Young Bush sipped mint juleps in ‘Bama
Cheney used his deferment
And Limbaugh infirment
To watch war on TV in pajamas.

“This war in Iraq is a bummer,”
Said the patriot, driving his Hummer.
“See, the war has its spoils
“And the blood’s worth the oil,
“Or I can’t drive to Vegas this summer.”

Democracy’s spread like religion
Lubricated with blood, just a smidgen
Pointing liberty’s light
Off’ring freedom and rights
‘Cept to chumps in Guantanamo’s prisons

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