Tuesday, May 13, 2008

He's not older than dirt, but he's old

I've been accused of being ageist when it comes to John McCain, but my worries are more about who he'll choose as Vice President. I don't like that Lieberman cat he's been hanging with.

Anyway, here's a hilarious blog for those of you, who like me, think John McCain is not too old to be a greeter at WalMart, but far too old to be a President of the United States for at least four years.

(e.g.) Kodachrome is younger than John McCain.

(h/t to Wesleying)


Anonymous said...

It's not ageist to be opposed to McCain's lack of presidential qualifications and judgement. It IS ageist to assume that these are NECESSARILY a product of his age. I'd vote for Bill Moyers in a second, and he's older than John McCain.

Would he be more likely to die in office than someone ten years younger? Maybe, or he could go on to be as old as Helen Thomas. Will he be likely to make stupid choices? Um, probably, but what president, all of them younger, hasn't? Bush was only 54 when HE was elected, and what good has his relative youth done us?

Ed McKeon said...

You're right, of course.

Bill Moyers has gained wisdom with his years.

John McCain hasn't gotten any smarter.

George Bush has been a dunce throughout his life, even when he was young.

Stupidity has nothing to do with age.

But John McCain is like a vintage wine with a leaky cork. Vinegar. And not very good vinegar at that.

Ed McKeon said...

Plus, it's a joke.