Monday, May 12, 2008

Shane does lord of the fishes pose; Cait paddles on denial; Elvis channels Mike Douglas

I'm not really sure where all this started (a common plea of a websurfer lost in a thread), but somehow I went from paparazzi photos of Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan, to a blogpost by McGowan's longtime "companion" Victoria Clarke, who claims that she and Shane practice yoga. Shane? Yoga! In another article, I learned that Shane and Victoria are engaged, though already the betrothal has hit a few rocks.

To an interview with Cait O'Riordan, original Pogues bassist, and former fifteen year companion of Elvis Costello. In the interview which is astonishing in its revelation of O'Riordan's struggle with alcohol and depression, but is more astonishing in her unwillingness to blame her troubles on anyone but herself. O'Riordan is currently recording in a band, appropriately enough called Prenup, with two former members of Hothouse Flowers.

To an article about a new TV show hosted by Elvis Costello called Spectacle, on the Sundance Channel. Costello has just released Momofuku, a milestone new album which demonstrates that his strength is a bit of rock and roll with the Imposters. Costello has proved to everyone that he can stretch, that he's not a one-trick pony, and that he was not simply a new wave flash in the pan. Momofuku rambles from the gorgeous word-crammed rockers that we've heard on the last few albums with the Imposters, pausing for the occasional early-morning sleepy lounge samba of Harry Worth, the unapologetic sentimentality of My Three Sons (a song I can relate to completely), and the angry-with-my-adopted-country bile of American Gangster Time.

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