Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our deathless love for Wesleying

(Photo by Ashley Castro for The Wesleyan Argus)

Ashik Siddique, one of the new hands behind the curtain at "ing."

Being an across-the-street neighbor of Wesleyan University, I have, at times, felt locked out of the mysterious goings-on at the institution over yonder.

That is, until I discovered Wesleying. Suddenly, I felt like I had an insider's view of the daily activities, formal and not, at the University. This brilliant blog allows a curious neighbor a voyeur's view of everything that's important to Wes kids, from menus to visiting rock bands, to acclaimed alum (like today's post about Tony-nominated alum Lin-Manuel Miranda) to that book sale at Olin Saturday where I copped two dozen pulp paperbacks and a signed copy (inscribed to Midge and Doug), of Bill Manchester's Arms of Krupp.

Sure I know some profs, and some staff, and even a few students, but there's nothing like getting a perspective on lectures, dorm life, and interactions with the Middle from the kids who live it.

There are things about the blog which drive me crazy - anonymous postings (I just don't get them, especially the cruel ones), and those occasions when the blog seems to hang forever (though I can never tell if that's Wesleying, blogspot or my computer), but these are minor blips in an otherwise illustrious, though short career - multiple daily postings and upwards of 4,000 visitors a day.

And, I'm complimented to have been name-checked on occasion as the crabby neighbor down the street.

Now, the creators, Holly Wood and Xue Sun, are leaving High Street for Harvard Square, but apparently the blog is in capable hands. By the looks of it, Holly and Xue, you won't have any problems coming up with something creative in the "real" world. Thanks for the porthole.

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