Thursday, May 29, 2008

Playing the discredit card

The big story, of course, is how the White House is pulling out all the stops to make former press secretary Scott McClellan's shocking revelations about the Bush administrations seem the desperate whinings of a disgruntled former employee.

But on Verdict with Dan Abrams last night, an interesting sideshow took place.

The laughable Pat Buchanan accused McClellan of disloyalty at the highest level. Then he accused him of cowardice for not speaking up when he was in the administration. Hearing this, news analyst Lawrence O'Donnell lacerated Buchanan's sanctimony by calmly indicating that Buchanan's indignant response is odd since he was a member of the "most corrupt administration" in history, the Nixon White House, and he has never said a word about how wrong things were back in the early seventies.

Watch as Buchanan chokes back his shame with a gulp from his coffee cup.

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