Friday, May 2, 2008

John Olsen, predictable superdelegate

John Olsen, Democratic superdelegate and head of Connecticut's AFL-CIO announced his support of Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Presidential Primary race, in the offices of Jim Amman.

You remember John Olsen, he was a strong and active supporter of Creepy Joe™ Lieberman in the Connecticut Senate Primary against Ned Lamont, throwing the weight of his union behind Lieberman. While support for Lieberman in the union was decided in what some described as a close voice vote, Olsen declared his undying support of Lieberman. According to the New Haven Independent:

Olsen said that the federation, if it endorses Lieberman, would stick with him even if he loses the primary and runs against the Democrats as an independent in November. “We endorse individuals,” he said. “We don’t endorse the party.

In the end the AFL-CIO remained neutral during the General Election, which Lieberman won.

At a peace rally in Hartford several months later, Olsen was booed heartily by the crowd when he got up to speak against the war in Iraq.

No surprise, then, that he's endorsed Clinton. Obama is not unlike Lamont, an outsider, a newcomer and a creator of change. Guess there's something about that Olsen doesn't like.

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