Monday, December 3, 2007

Power in the people

I have admired, guardedly, the ways in which Hugo Chavez has transformed Venezuela. His aid to the poor, his land reforms, his fight against corporate power, his fight against the influence of the United States in the affairs of his country.

His outsized ego makes him even more interesting to watch. And I have despised the way he has been portrayed in the American media, as some kind of socialist devil.

Still, I was happy to see his proposal for Constitutional reform defeated. I would have hated to see one man concentrate so much power in his office. I detest that love of power there, as much as I do in the current American presidency. That kind of power only leads to despotism, persecution and injustice.

Chavez, and his revolution can move forward, but in the understanding that his power will not go unchecked. We can only hope that he continues to take this defeat graciously, and doesn't do anything to prove that his critics are right.

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Anonymous said...

It's pretty democratic that the people of a country can vote on national referendums. Imagine if we had that in this country (something democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel proposes.)