Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not gonna answer hypotheticals, unless they're my hypotheticals

In a news conference this morning, the former Governor of Texas discussed the National Intelligence Estimate just released which states clearly that Iran does not have the ability to produce nookyoolur weapons, and that it had suspended it's ambition to enrich uranium.

Of course, the former gov reads the report in exactly the opposite way that the rest of us do. A month ago he was using "Iran" and "World War III" in the same sentence. Now it looks like he may have been mistaken, again.

Not that he would ever admit to a mistake. No, he thinks the NIE actually bolsters the argument that Iran is a danger. "They had the program," he insisted, though it appears they abandoned it in 2003. "They might restart it," he reasoned. As if it was a 67 Cadillac in need of nothing more than a new set of piston rings.

And he answered the hard-hitting question by the White House press corps in that amusing, rehearsed way, as if he were adressing a class of third graders, "See, he had a nookyoolur program, and he stopped, but he could start again. And you know, he could be dangerous if he did. Because nookyoolur bombs can explode and hurt freedom loving folks."

This all goes under the heading, "if pigs had wings..."

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