Wednesday, December 5, 2007

So, say there was a dictator with a nuclear weapon

Mr. President George Bush couldn't seem to help himself today when he challenged Iran to admit to developing a nuclear capability which the US Federal government declared yesterday, did not exist.

It's kind of the "When did you stop beating your wife," gambit.

Bush, who's been living in an alternate reality for the past seven years seems to be trying to trick Mamoud Ahmadinejad into admitting something he might be trying to hide from the honest, god-fearing folks in the U.S.

BUSH: C'mon Mammy, I know don't you have just a little of that enriched uranium lying around.

AHMADINEJAD: Oh yes, I keep it next to the hummous in the fridge.

BUSH: Heh, heh. I just knew it. So what you gonna do with it? Fry a few infidels?

AHMADINEJAD: Clever, clever, Mr. Commander In Chief. But here, though our bombs are dumb our leaders are smart. Quite the opposite of your country.

BUSH: Heh, heh. So Mammy, is your refinement program running?

AHMANDINEJAD: So, if it is?

BUSH: Well you better catch it before it runs away. Har.

Yes, Bush is wise to speculate about who might be capable of creating a program of nuclear destruction. Say, for example, there was an unstable dictator who had seized control of his country in a military coup. And say, he suspended the constitution, the supreme court, and the rule of law. And say, he had associations with terrorist groups. And say, he had it in for his neighbors in the populous country across the border. And say, just say, he had access to nuclear arms. And say one of his top scientists was distributing nuclear secrets. Shouldn't we be very concerned that he would use those weapons in an irresponsible manner?

After all, with friends like Pervez Musharraf who needs enemies.

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