Saturday, December 15, 2007

We've seen the enemy and its...Harry Reid

Based on his lackluster performance as Democratic Senate Majority leader, one might have suspected that his aim was not to work toward the goals of the Democratic base, but to work toward the goals of that most powerful third party, incumbents.

Harry Reid had a free hand to bring a FISA bill to the Senate for a vote which did not feature immunity for telecom companies. He chose instead to bring a version which provides immunity, and which will take 60 votes to change. The same votes he has been able to muster for any other legislation which opposes the Bush doctrine.

So what's with Harry? Does he have a skeleton in the closet that's being dangled over his head? Is he a secret Bush admirer? Is he a tool of corporate powers? Or is this a reflection of his true philosophical beliefs? And who does he think he's fooling with his anti-Bush soapbox blusterings?

Whatever the cause, he's disgusting, not worthy of trust, and the worst of a spineless bunch.

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