Friday, December 28, 2007

Jim Amann's allergic reaction to ethics

Jon Lender is at it again, digging in the details and finding dirt. Today he reported that according to Representative Chris Caruso, the office of House Speaker James Amann "meddled and tried to weaken the new ethics rules," about to be passed by the house after many hours of legitimate debate.

Of course Amann's office had a ready excuse, just as he did when he called a last minute, and short session which caused taxpayers a $50k fee for interrupting the work of a contractor at the state capitol, and just so happened to be on a day when Amann was hosting a Christmas party in Hartford - a party, which might not have been well attended if lawmakers weren't in Hartford.

This is the same Amann who saw no problem in strong arming lobbyists to contribute to the non-profit (Multiple Sclerosis Society) he was employed by. In fact, Amann continued the strong arming until he was ordered to by a state ethics department.

Amann, who is reportedly preparing for a run for governor, also support Joe Lieberman over Ned Lamont in the last election for US Senator.

Seems like Amann received his degree in political science in Waterbury.

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