Wednesday, December 19, 2007

CIA CYA at the White House, pernicious and troubling

It's a shame that we have to hear news like this, and not be shocked and surprised. The White House involved in destroying evidence that might prove it culpable in war crimes? Well, of course not, there usual tactic is to declare it "classified" and thereby unable to be discussed, released or considered.

And the WH doesn't like the headlines, so they've responded with a carefully parsed release which calls the Times headline "pernicious and troubling." As if George Bush knew what "pernicious" means. So instead of addressing the main argument of the Times piece, that WH staff took part in discussions of destruction of evidence, they attack a sub-headline which implies that the WH "said" they knew less than they actually did.

It's another misdirection by the Bush crowd. The actions of guilty children..

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