Monday, December 17, 2007

It's a wonderful filibuster

(update below)

This time of year the favorite Frank Capra film of many, who are not too cynical to enjoy Frank Capra films, is It's A Wonderful Life. Today, his Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, may be more appropriate as Chris Dodd stands to filibuster the FISA bill allowed on the floor by the spineless leader Harry Reid (whom BTW, after announcing he would allow the version of the bill with telecom immunity on the floor, relented, after his office was firestormed by constituent calls, and has now allowed both versions on the floor - typical of Reid, who doesn't have the backbone of an annelid). Dodd has some support, albeit little, from a brave pack of Senators, the usual suspects, who respect the Constitution.

Could this be Chris Dodd's finest hour?

Here in Connecticut, we know how our Senators will vote. One is leading the filibuster, the other is a Republican in Indydem clothing (that would be Creepy Joe Lieberman, who betrayed his party once again today by endorsing a Republican for President), who will undoubtably oppose the legislation because it doesn't support his obsession with annihilating Islamofascists.

Everyone else should be on the phone calling their senators to urge their support for the filibuster. Those phone calls do work. Look how it changed the mind of Ruf Tuf Harry Reid.

(update) Great debate going on in the Senate here.

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