Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What would Jesus pack?

I guess he wasn't the only wingnut screaming about the perceived second amendment right to carry concealed weapons to church, but Jim Vicevich (WTIC-AM), was virtually foaming at the mouth yesterday.

I only caught a bit of his rant as I headed for the airport, but the crux of it is that Jeanne Assam, the security guard who killed killed deranged gunman Matthew Murray at a Colorado Church on Sunday, is somehow a Christian hero for her actions. She says she was guided by "the Holy Spirit."

At one point Vicevich proclaimed that if Assam had not had her weapon, the church would have made "Virginia Tech look like a picnic." Maybe you could explain, Jim, to one of the parents of any of the murdered Virginia Tech students, how that slaughter might, under any circumstance, ever look like "a picnic."

Certainly she is a hero. Certainly she is brave. Certainly she stopped a madman from doing more harm. Certainly it was fortuitous that she had a weapon she could use. But as lucky as it was, it was totally bizarre that she was carrying a gun to church, and that the right wing radio mob thinks it's good and proper that guns should be allowed in any "house of God."

Maybe I missed something in the new testatment. Maybe when Jesus drove the moneylenders from the temple he did it with a Magnum .457 ("You feelin' lucky, Euodius?), but I don't remember it that way.

Pistols in the pews? What next, shotguns in the birthing rooms? Mac 10's at the daycare?

The problem, as Colin McEnroe so eloquently explains, is that there are too many guns, not too few. That an individual as disturbed as Murray could assemble such an arsenal is an insult to the Second Amendment and to society.

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