Thursday, December 20, 2007

I can't help but point out the inconsistency

On my way back from a meeting, I was listening to Jim Vicevich (WTIC-AM), making fun of his radio colleague Colin McEnroe, because Colin was returning from a trip to San Francisco.

"That's Disneyland for people like him, isn't it?" Vicevich ranted. "You know, for liberals, San Francisco is like Disneyland. Do you know they actually make it easier for homeless people there. They have food, shelter, health care, ID cards. They only thing they don' t have is...(Jim chuckles)"

Then Vicevich makes a pitch to donate to the Salvation Army, because, "That's what we're put on earth for, to help other people."


Guess he doesn't see the disconnect.

And I'm sure he doesn't understand why people are homeless. It's not because they don't want jobs. Many are dealing with mental illness. Many are the very veterans who Vicevich so often praises. Many are people who have, for whatever reason - divorce, loss of a job, health issues - found themselves outside of the safety net.

Vicevich is a lip service Christian of the worst kind. In one sentence, he denigrates those of us who feel that all people deserve shelter, food, and healthcare, and in the next sentence he says it's our duty as humans to do the things he has just denigrated.

Most hilariously, when a caller suggested that anyone could volunteer, for any length of time, to be a bellringer for the Salvation Army, Vicevich had the perfect response.

"Because I'd never ask my listeners do something I wouldn't do, I urge you all to volunteer to be a bell ringer. And I promise, that next year, I'm going to volunteer."

Right. We're all positive that you'll make good on that promise, Lieutenant Chickenhawk.

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