Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another wingnut vomits the contents of someone else's stomach

Guess who's blogging. Lieutenant Chickenhawk himself, WTIC's Jim Vicevich.

I guess it proves a few things:
- Vicevich doesn't have an original idea in his head
- Blogs are like assholes, everyone seems to have one
- Assholes are like blogs, it doesn't take an expert to create a pile of shit
- Like most right wingnuts, Vicevich deals in innuendo already proven false
- Like most right wingnuts, his sources are beyond ridiculous (Drudge, Powerline, the NY Post, the Washington Times)
- Like most wingnuts, he's willing to go with the innuendo, go with the unsubstantiated rumor, go with the White House press release
- That Vicevich is as dense as cyprus and as shallow as skim ice
- That this Chickenhawk is chickenshit - he doesn't allow comments on his site, not even moderated comments
- That he likely doesn't understand the irony in his blog title: Radio Vice Online (or that the term "online" is sooooo 1990's)
- That Vicevich has bought into the biggest myths of the Bush administration ("Love him or hate him, President Bush did not lie ... Read the following articles.")
- That he needs a little help with the resume, e.g. "
With 6 Emmy nominations.." means the same thing as "never won an Emmy," doesn't it?
- That as a Christian, a smoker, a zealot, and one of the very few right-wing radio hosts, Vicevich feels persecuted in a blue state
- That he is "with it" on the whole "internets" thing

Good luck Jim. Pinocchio made it, though I can't cite a ventriloquist's dummy who ever found his own voice.

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