Monday, December 17, 2007

Smells like Florida, smells like Ohio, smells like Rove

Don Siegelman is a former Alabama governor who could be called a political prisoner. An early opponent of then governor George Bush's run for President, Siegelman lost his own re-election during an illegal Republican recount of votes in a single county.

Subsequently, Siegelman was prosecuted by a former Republican political rival connected to Karl Rove, and is now held in jail, incommunicado while his appeal is being prepared (but unable to be prepared because bureaucrats have help up the assembling of his trial transcripts.)

It can't happen here, eh.

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Anonymous said...


The three largest newspapers plus the Internet site in Alabama are owned by Advance Publications Inc. Newhouse Newspapers is the newspaper publishing division. Advance Publications is owned by billionaires Samuel Irving Newhouse Jr. and his brother Donald Newhouse.

These three newspapers instruct their writers to start every article that they write about Siegelman with this statement, "Our newspapers endorsed Riley and we believe Siegelman to be a crook." Then instead of being impartial they twist every sentence to sound negative.

It has taken a few months, but most Alabamians now know that these newspapers were a major part of the conspiracy to remove a popular Democrat in Alabama by distorting the truth about ex governor Don Siegelman, by not accurately reporting how his elections were taken from him, by not reporting how millions of dollars of Choctaw Indian Casino money flowed into Alabama to get Riley Elected and to kill Siegelman's education Lottery.