Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hiding criminal activity behind a wall of secrecy

Surprise! The Bush administration is refusing to turn over White House documents which might show the frequency of visits by Jack Abramoff. They cite a Cold War era policy which protects Secret Service documents.

This administration has used secrecy, and the alleged need to assure security as a way of avoiding oversight of its possible wrongdoings.

Democracy cannot survive this level of secrecy.

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Joe G said...

There used to be a system of checks and balances in this country. It was set up by revolutionaries in the 1700's who feared that if one branch got too powerful, that democracy would no longer reign.
These were people who truly were conditioned to despotic rule. The fear was genuine and they bravely, and without much precedent, set out to ensure a true democracy.
Somewhere this has been lost. Somewhere this has been usurped. Somewhere, the Congress and the Supreme Court have colluded to fear.
Somewhere, the Constitution was lost.
For the last seven years the American public has overlooked the Executive Branches leanings toward fascism and turned the other ear.
It is truly sad to rely on bloggers rather than the American media to bring forth the outlandish behavior of a small cabal of "decision makers."
And it seems to lie in blogger's keystrokes, the solution to unlawful actions on the part of the government. We no longer have a government overseer.
I love the land and people where I live. I have no respect for those who govern. I have tried to vote them out, but they seem to be replaced by clones of the same mold. Where is the candidate who is going to cut through the bullshit and be honest?
The Executive Branch has become the totalitarian branch. Pelosi hasn't stopped it. The Democrats haven't stopped it. What happened to the revolutionary spirit of the 1700's?
Fear. We have to stop believing in fear. I want someone to step up without fear or fear of reprisal. If they have a black list, I want to be on it.