Friday, December 28, 2007

Another Republican we ought to be scraping off the soles of our shoes

Someone important once wrote "the truth will out," but I have my doubts.

Still, it's encouraging to see a newpaper editor doing the kind of job he ought to be doing. Seems like Alabama Governor Bob Riley, who by some reports stole his election with the help of Karl Rove, has now been discovered dipping into the corporate pocketbook and not reporting it. It's Riley, and his associates that put his gubenatorial challenger in jail.

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Anonymous said...

"Newhouse/Advance Publications Are Working With GOP Operatives To Create Corrupt Public Images Of Top Democratic Politicians."

In Alabama, Bob Riley is being groomed as a potential vice-presidential candidate. Bush's/Cheney's GOP operatives are using the prison system to keep Don Siegelman from talking to the media about Gov. Riley's past and what he knows about Alabama's dirty history of campaign corruptions. When Siegelman was Secretary of State and Attorney General, he worked with all branches of law enforcement which investigated sham organizations, Contra drug trafficking, tax evasion and money laundering. The investigations found that much of it were linked to high ranking GOP campaign contributions in Alabama as well as Florida, Arkansas, and sometimes Georgia, and Mississippi. Siegelman is a very smart attorney. He holds two law degrees. He knows more about Alabama's politics than anyone, being the only person in history to have held the top four government offices in Alabama and he has first hand knowledge of how a White House backed campaign conspiracy works. This is a partial list of the skeletons that they don't want big media to know about: (a)The Bush's/Cheney's Staff (Rove) has classified information from Diebold Election Systems, Inc. of Allen, TX.) which was shared with Dan Gans of Riley's staff. This included Diebold software code and registers addresses for each candidate along with passwords and a method of accessing the voting machines. This was used for vote stuffing in several counties in Alabama in 2002. (b) Millions of dollars of dirty campaign money were used to defeat Siegelman's Education Lottery and to defeat his gubernatorial campaigns. The money came from big business clients of Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, Toby Roth, Rob Riley and William Canary. (c) Several different National GOP associations along with some sham organizations ran by Robin Vanderwall, Preston Gates, Ralph Reed, Glover Norquist and William Canary laundered the money so that it wouldn't be obvious who the donors were. (d) The newspapers of big media giant Newhouse/Advance Publications (controlled by Billionaire Donald Newhouse) agreed to print articles hand fed to them by Bush appointed U.S. government officials to create a corrupt public image of Siegelman, and other top Democrat politicians.