Thursday, May 31, 2007

Get your feet off the computer

So, while Steve Jobs and Apple will introduce the iPhone and iTV, Bill Gates and Microsoft are working on a computer screen in a coffee table. I can see the Apple guy, PC guy ad now.

PC guy carries a bulky, antique coffee table onto a white set where Apple Guy is standing.
APPLE GUY: Moving out of your apartment?
PC GUY: No this is the latest. What do you think?
APPLE GUY: I don't know, I'm more into Bauhaus.
PC GUY: It's great I don't need a TV or computer. It's all right here.
APPLE GUY: (pulling out his iPhone then walking off set) Wanna get a cup of coffee and and catch the game?
PC GUY: (bending over and dragging the table) I'll be right with you. I take two sugars.

All I can think about are those huge color TVs in massive wood consoles that line the curbs of our country on bulk pickup day.

By the way, there was an historic reunion of Gates and Jobs at the D conference yesterday.

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