Sunday, May 20, 2007

If You Gave Jerry Falwell an Enema He Could be Buried in a Matchbox

This comment by the maddeningly brilliant Christopher Hitchens on the laughably balanced Hannity and Colmes made my weekend. Thanks to Susan Forbes Hansen for forwarding it.


Anonymous said...

As satisfying as it was to see the blow-hards at FOX "News" finally loosing control and getting what they deserve, my delight was tempered by the knowledge that Hitchens now uses his great intellect as a forceful proponent of continued death and destruction in Iraq.

Ed McKeon said...

True. That's why I find his intellect maddening. But I think he's an important thinker, though I disagree. At least he appears to have a brain - how he can't find the truth in the war in Iraq is mystifying.