Thursday, May 24, 2007

Remind them who they represent

Call your Congressional reps today and tell them to vote against war funding. And if they don't, shout nasty things at them during Memorial Day parades.

I called Rosa Delauro's office two days running and spoke to some mumbling assistant who, when I asked about Rosa's stance on war funding, I was told, "You'll find out soon enough." I couldn't believe it either.

Rosa Delauro(undecided): 202-225-3661
Chris Murphy(undecided): 202-225-4476
John Larson (against war funding): 202-225-2265
Joe Courtney: 202-225-2076
Chris Shays (for war funding):202-225-5541

Chris Dodd (against war funding) 202-224-2823
Joe Lieberman (lost cause)

Remember, every call from a constituent resounds like a thousand voices.

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