Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Concert of the week

Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem

Thursday, May 24, 7 pm, Russell Library Courtyard, Broad St. Middletown

With a great new album about to hit the racks, Rani and the band play a hometown gig in a venue so small that you'd better show up plenty early. It will be crowded. But at least it's free.

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kam said...

Thanks for reminding me to call our esteem congressmen/women and give'um holy-moly. No backbone, no guts and they had better call Bush out on what he's going to say today. This administration treats the American people like we're a bunch of dupes, and most of us are, I guess, to buy into the Osama crap he keeps throwing up (literally) at us. Scare 'um and make them fear the Boogy Man, the dupes just don't realize that the Boogy Man is Bush. EM, keep the Fire Burning! K