Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blood for oil

Ann Wright makes it clear at Truthout.

Blood is thicker than water. But the reasons for war are as transparent as oil. Thanks to Pete T. for the reference.

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Anonymous said...

And I believe that anyone who denies the fact now is really a bit crazy. The problem with the Iraqi war is that 9/11 is still a mystery. Many people, including myself believe it to be an inside job, a motivator for the public and the media to push a war on Iraq and believe it to be justifiable.
Your everyday citizen doesn't believe in raping and pillaging because following the laws and rules of our society, it's not allowed. So the government does a good job at masking it up with a "terrorist" attack, and no longer are we up in arms about doing the right thing - it's "GO GIT 'EM" and kill all those terrorists.
The public supports the war, we're in, and now we can go after the real deal - economic stability and forcing the Iraqi government into pushing long term oil contracts with us. Let's get the oil before we have any other real competetion for it.
If we had waited 10, 20, 30 years from now.. maybe we'd no longer be fighting Iraq for the oil, but we'd be fighting China for it too.
This war is happening now as a proxy-war before China can get their economy moving and start consuming massive amounts of oil.
It's a crazy world we live in.