Saturday, May 26, 2007

I heard a right wing zealot on WTIC AM

I know it's not unusual. You can turn in most any time of day or night and hear folks who have lost the use of reason like Rush Limbaugh, Jim Vicevich, Ray Dunaway, Sean Hannity. But it was during afternoon drive time, and Colin McEnroe, who is normally the only voice of sanity on a station which seems to be lost in an infinite regress of conservative double talk, was absent because of an appearance in "Singin' In the Rain" at the Goodspeed. It was Chris Healy, head of the Connecticut Republicans, who, I think, has appeared on the air with Colin - but in Colin's absence, this replacement announcer decided to pull a Bill O'Reilly. (By the way, Colin's insistence that letting others who disagree with him be allowed to sit next to him and share a mic demonstrates a fairness totally absent with the Limbaughs and the Viceviches of the world).

I had just finished listening to Warren Zevon sing "Lawyers, Guns and Money" and I flipped on WTIC for the last few minutes of the ride home, and I hear this voice talking about how the Democrats who voted against the war funding bill got it wrong, and how we were fighting a war between civilizations, and that liberals better understand the threat of terrorists, and I began shouting at the radio.

Colin, please keep bringing these opposing voices to your show. But don't leave them alone with the microphone.

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