Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'll sleep when I'm dead

This book is fabulous, and irresistible. Warren Zevon was a certifiable tortured artist. As a rock and roller, his work smashed cliches. His ex-wife, Crystal, has assembled a set of interlocking interviews (because I edit video, I understand just how difficult it is to create a cohesive story from volumes of interview transcripts), which is in turns, compelling, hilarious, tragic and ultimately, uplifting. You can understand how easy it was to have a love/hate relationship with Warren Zevon, and, in the end, how the "love" portion of the equation outweighed the hate, when Zevon is lost, finally, to the "bad luck," he so sought to avoid. This is one of the best music biographies I've read.

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Anonymous said...

this is indeed a great bio ed, i read it about a month ago. i love warren, way before werewolves brought him to the forefront for a while. every song i ever loved in the 70's always turned out to be one of his.
i also recently enjoyed danny goldberg's ' bumping into
genuises ', have you checked that one out? i think you might enjoy it.