Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Colin gets it right

Colin McEnroe has been on the top of his game the past hour of his show. He began by talking about the booing of Miss USA in Mexico, then segued to "we are the country who tortures people, after all."

When challenged by Gary from South Glastonbury (so perverse a rhyme it deserves a song), who was clinging to the delusion that our torture is not sanctioned in writing, as that of al-Qaida's. Colin blasted him with a dozen examples of why what he was saying was ridiculous, and was kind, firm and not apologetic in the process. It was masterful, though the koolaid drinker on the phone was never convinced.

This is liberal talk radio at its best. Colin McEnroe at his best.

I'm usually listening when he's in the horrible Sports A Trois segment, or deconstructing the latest episode of The Sopranos. Neither of which I can bear. I was glad I was out in my car listening just now.

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