Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Chickenhawk on Memorial Day

No one can argue that local Connecticut conservative (I don't buy the self-proclaimed libertarian label)talk show host Jim Vicevich, isn't vocal about his support for the troops, and his support of support for the troops. So it's puzzling that he spent 10 minutes this morning haranguing Democratic presidential nominee John Edwards for encouraging his supporters to support the troops during the Memorial Day weekend and beyond. Of course, Edwards urges his constituency to show their support of the troops by asking for an end to the war. This, I think, boils the gizzard of any true chickenhawk. Vicevich was so incensed that he accused Edwards of exploiting the troops for political reasons because Edwards was asking folks to send packages of food and gifts to the men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe Vicevich is right. But then he would have to admit, that he, himself, is an exploiter of the troops. He would have to acknowledge that all his rah-rah for the "mission" in Iraq, all his public handwringing about letting the troops do their job, all his jingoistic flag-waving histrionics are about developing an audience. It's about getting ratings. It's about winning advertisers. It's about getting a paycheck. Now that's what I call exploitation. Braaaaaaawk.

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