Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bully in the beltway

It's occured to me that the Bush administration is filled with people who could be described as bullies. I think this extends to the entire set of punditry who defend and enable this lot of thugs. So I went to a website which describes bullying activity in school-age children, and while it's not a one-to-one ratio or characteristics. It sure is analogous. (from: "Bullying At School" by Dan Olweus).

Here's the list, and the interlinear translation for the Bush crew and minions.

Have a relatively positive view of themselves
- The Bushies never apologize for anything

Reasonably popular at school, with decreasing popularity through junior high
- Elected twice, with plummeting approval polls

Physically stronger than classmates and victims
- A huge defense budget, and not afraid to blow through it

Physically effective in play activities, sports and fights (applies particularly to boys)
- Except when it comes to hunting, and routing out real terrorists

Have strong needs to dominate and subdue other students
- Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo

Are hot-tempered, easily angered, impulsive, with low frustration tolerance
- I'm the decider

Have difficulty conforming to rules and tolerating adversities or delays
- Have difficulty conforming to the Constitution

May try to gain advantage by cheating
- WMD's, Haliburton, Abramoff, Florida

Are generally oppositional, defiant, and aggressive towards adults and may be frightening also to adults
- Collateral damage

Are seen as tough, hardened and show little empathy with students who are victimized
- Collateral damage,

Are NOT anxious, insecure
- Attaboy Brownie!

Are at increased risk, long-term, for criminal behavior, alcoholism and drug abuse
- Some boys never grow up

Bullies are not "soft inside" and "hard outside". They are aggressive, self-confident and mean
- Do the names Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Rove, Ashcroft ring a bell?

These are men who have encouraged others to spill their blood for home, country and patriotism, but whom, with few exceptions, have never done their part. These are men who are afraid to appear in forums where their views might be questioned. Hell, the president has been afraid to throw out the first ball of the season for the past two openers of Major League Baseball. Finally, these are men, and they are generally men, who never see themselves as capable of mistakes, and are willing to point the finger of blame at whomever is closest.

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