Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dana Perino, welcome to the federation of smug assholes

There's always been something completely off-putting about George Bush's cock-of-the-walk strut. He bounces and swaggers like he's the only one who knows anything, when in fact, he's usually the least-informed in the room.

That "fuck you, I've got executive immunity" attitude is exhibited by most of the administration goons and goonettes. The only time it seems to be missing is when one of them is challenged, or convicted. Alberto Gonzales was one cock-sure sonofabitch until he had his comeuppance. Don Rumsfeld could reduce you to ash with a glance until he got brought down a peg or two. And little Scooter Libby held the upper hand until the judge said, "Guilty."

But occasionally this bullyish front is pierced when there's a journalist who can get close enough with a tough question.

Remember what happened when Irish TV, RTE, sent Carole Coleman to interview Bush, and she had the nerve to be the first (and only?) journalist to ask him a tough question, and to show skepticism at his ridiculous answers. The Bush administration cried "unfair" to the Irish embassy, and refused to be interviewed further during his Irish visit. Big man. Scared man.

And now, steadfast blog reporter for RawStory, Eric Brewer has waited through a blacklisting by Dana Perino who is finally shamed into considering his question. She scoffs at him. She tries to bully him. She smirks. (She's been learning at the knees of the masters, Bush and Cheney). But when he bravely gets his question out, she sputters and doesn't have an answer, fleeing the room when he attempts a follow-up. Big woman. Scared woman.

Stand up to a bully, and they fade.

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