Saturday, May 24, 2008

Closed to the public, but open to the public

UPDATE: I just spoke to a downtown merchant who was advised that he should not count on getting into or out of his shop on Sunday, because Main Street would be closed for some time. This same merchant quoted police as saying they are projecting up to 100,000 visitors to Middletown for the Obama speech.

Anyone who knows the Wesleyan campus knows that while the Commencement ceremony at which Barack Obama will speak on Sunday, is closed to the public, the simultaneous acknowledgement that Foss Hill will be open to the public, is a bit absurd.

Foss Hill looks directly over Andrus Field, and anyone sitting there will get a full view of the ceremony. In fact, in the past, it's been a place for families to sit under the trees, and out of the sun, to see the event.

So, it's likely to be very crowded. I'd advise that finding a place on Foss Hill by 8 a.m. is advisable.

I can only park six cars in my driveway, which is four blocks from Foss Hill, so you're on your own to find a place for your car. Be ready to encounter closed thoroughfares, restricted parking, and tight security.

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