Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vicevich refuses to get the joke

Right wing WTIC AM talk show host Jim Vicevich continued down his path of accusing Barack Obama of being a "communist," a "red," a "socialist" and "a Marxist."

If you didn't think you were being exhorted to join some great socialist revolution when you attended the Wesleyan commencement Sunday, the right wingers will tell you that you're wrong.

Vicevich, who spent several minutes making fun of Obama for "confusing" Wesleyan with Wellesley (he either doesn't get, or refuses to get, the joke), went on to say that Obama's challenge to graduating seniors to give back to their communities and to the world was asking them to subjugate themselves to some great socialist collective.

And if you think Vicevich came up with the "commie" bit himself, think again. It's an organized attempt to attach a negative label with huge and deep negative resonance, to Obama, that is being carried out by the right-wing hatemongers. Here's yet another example this morning.

I've made formal complaints to the management of WTIC about Vicevich's consistent use of the communist labels. I've asked for time on their airwaves to respond. So far, no response from WTIC.

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