Friday, May 23, 2008

Then there's this idiot

If you live, work or visit Middletown, you may have noticed a rash of "tags" appearing on everything from walls, to street signs. The Police Department and the public works department have been made well-aware of the issue. In fact, if you spot a tag and want it cleaned up, you should call the PD or DPW. Still, the Police Department refuses to accept the fact that the tags are possibly the work of gangs in Middletown. Seems to me a logical conclusion since the department has arrested drug dealers from outside of the city who have peddled their wares on our easy-to-access streets. And drug dealing is pretty well organized along gang lines.

The PD apparently feels that the tags are the work of a group of young adolescents who have no gang affiliations or only imagine that they are a part of gangs. Such creativity.

I don't know what to make of the pathetic bastard whose tag appears in the photograph I've included. He or she tags all over the South end of town, and has no aesthetic sensibility, and is clueless enough to advertise his/her tag on a garbage dumpster.

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