Friday, May 23, 2008

Commencement, the public and Barack

I have TV crew calling and asking to park in my driveway.

I have two kids who are thrilled that Barack Obama will be two blocks away.

And you can read between the lines on this notice from Wesleyan president Michael Roth:

Because of the appearance of Senator Obama at this year's Commencement the event will be ticketed and there will be limited seating.

Graduates will receive a limited number of tickets for their families, and will receive first preference on seating.

Because of the high amount of traffic that is anticipated, there will be no guarantee of any parking availability for this event.

We ask the general public to respect the ceremony, our graduates and their families during this event.

Senator Obama is appearing at Wesleyan to provide the commencement address, not as part of a political campaign. Campaign related activity, including the display of signs and banners will not be allowed at Commencement. Further information about political campaign activities and exempt organizations can be found at,,id=170893,00.html.

Glass bottles, fireworks, and selected other items will not be allowed at the ceremony. Anyone in possession of such items will be subject to removal and possible arrest.

UPDATE: From Wesleying.

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