Friday, September 14, 2007

A shaming indictment of Connecticut voters and Connecticut news media

That Creepy Joe Lieberman would say or do anything in order to be returned to office during the last election was obvious to those of us who worked hard to put Ned Lamont into office.

So he lied about bringing troops home, and he lied about being a hawk, and the media never questioned his lies, and those who voted with him either supported the war themselves, or believed Lieberman's lies.

Now that he's an "independent" Repulicrat, Lieberman doesn't have to lie anymore. He just keeps chanting, "War, war, war and more war." It's become obvious that he cares less about representing Connecticut than he does about supporting Bush, the Iraq War and Israel.

And people have begun to realize what a hypocrite he was while campaigning.

Well, the election won't be held today. He's got several more years to sow his seeds of fear and hate. But there will be another election. Let's hope the voters remember his duplicity.

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