Monday, September 24, 2007

A moment of...noise?

Famed mime Marcel Marceau had died, and while his popularity spawned the horrific scourge of street mimes in the seventies, and the forgettable Shields and Yarnel, he will be remembered as a true artist of the wordless art. He'll also be remembered for being the only character who spoke in Mel Brooks' Silent Movie when he said, "No."


Anonymous said...

Why do mimes get no respect? Is it because they can't speak up for themselves? For every bad mime there have to be 10 navel-gazing singer songwriters inflicting their angst on innocent bystanders. At least with mimes, all you have to do is look away. With the caterwaulers, you got to look away and cover your ears.

Ed McKeon said...

I'm miming laughter right now.