Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hillary's cackle

Or one more reason not to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Last night, Mike Gravel, whose status as loose cannon was preserved, asked Hillary how she could have voted with Creepy Joe Lieberman on a resolution which names the Revolutionary Guard in Iran as a terrorist group, and thereby liable to be addressed with military action.

Hillary laughed lustily in response. It's not funny, Hillary. Just like it wasn't funny when you voted on the Iraq war resolution with only the flimsiest evidence. It may have worked with Chris Wallace but it is distasteful when lives are at stake.

Can the cackle Clinton.

BTW, the so-called "evidence" that Iran is supplying Iraqui insurgents has never been made available for public examination. So if you're old enough to remember the words "weapons of mass destruction" then you're old enough to know that this administration has never let the truth get in the way of a good war. Bush and minions have been trying to implicate Iran since last year, and Creepy Joe Lieberman and Jon Kyl are simply shills for the men who want to drop the bombs.

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