Sunday, September 30, 2007

Meet the new boss

There are a lot of Springsteen fans who don't like the fact that he's willing to talk and sing politics from the stage. Springsteen, generously, has spoken about them. He accepts and cherishes them, and hopes to change some of their minds.

These fans, sad to say, are that part of America who either doesn't know, or doesn't care enough, to consider anything beyond "hemi powered drones" screaming down the boulevard. These are the dead heads, the parrot heads, the meatheads willing to pay scalpers $500 for good seats, the "fans" who never quite got the Nebraska, Ghost of Tom Joad or Devils and Dust tours.

Springsteen has always written and sung about alienation, resignation, fear and sadness, as well as joy, belonging, bravery and hope. A.O. Scott writes beautifully about it in today's NY Times.

I'm glad to be going to the show in Hartford Tuesday, despite the bad seats. And I'm glad that Bruce is still willing to travel and share his vision of a country which will need to take "a long walk home."

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