Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Joe Friday approach

At tonight's meeting of Middletown's Redevelopment Agency, agency member Shannon Brown made the revolutionary request of asking for something exotic called "useful information."

Brown who is an advocate for openness and transparency in government and the decisions made by government has worked for two months to create a complete, and thorough form for developers to use to report progress and financial issues. Brown has been working with city staffer Michiel Wackers to create the form, and Wackers has not made the improved form available because his "hard drive crashed" (that, of course, is the new version of, "my dog ate my homework."

Brown doggedly argued the benefits of the form which is now set to put in place within the next two meetings.


Anonymous said...

First time caller. Happened to see your comment on Colin's blog and that led me here. I went to UH back in the 60s. Lived on Farmington Avenue, next to the ( then ) Aetna Diner with some Hartt students, one of whom was Jack Hardy. That name hit a chord?

Ed McKeon said...

Ah yes, Jack Hardy. One of the few student protesters to be prosecuted for printing an anti-Nixon cartoon. And a damn good songwriter. I haven't heard from Jack in awhile. I'll have to see what's up.