Saturday, September 15, 2007

Political cowardice

I'm in search of a backbone in the leadership of the Democratic party.

They have one tool to stop the war in Iraq, and that is to deny funding for this military adventure. The reason our congress people and representatives are unwilling to do so is the fear, that in election season, they will be portrayed as non-supportive of the troops.

The American people, I'm afraid, have demonstrated their lack of curiousity about this dangers George Bush has lead us into. However, at this point, it's clear that the majority of Americans want us out of Iraq, and want us out now.

So, if the Democratic party offers the President funding bills that he will veto because they contain demands for troop withdrawals, they should re-draft the bill and send it again. The President will accuse Congress of not supporting the troops. But, for God's sake, no one is listening to the president anymore.

If the Democrats can't figure out a way to counter the feeble arguments that this administration is offering, it's time to vote them out too. Let's make them understand, that in this election season, a lack of forceful action may cost them their seats too.

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