Monday, September 17, 2007

Creepy Joe's a front door man

I was wrong. Creepy Joe Lieberman arrived at his "Health Care Forum" this morning at the front door of the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. The hastily called war protesters, assembled across the street began shouting immediately. Lieberman waved, smiled then entered the building to a chant of "No War."

When the group decided to enter the room where the forum was being held, we were informed that a "pre-registration" was required.

Incensed that Lieberman was using a public room, and the CTN network, West Hartford State Representative Dave McCluskey, got on the phone and raised hell until the group was given clearance to enter.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for covering this and including photos.

What kind of man smiles at people when they refer to his complicity (and agency) in mass murder?