Friday, September 21, 2007

Hooray for Gerry Daley

When a prominent Democratic Councilman in Middletown calls for the impeachment of President Bush, I can offer nothing but appreciation.

Gerry Daley put forward an unofficial resolution to impeach Bush and Cheney, and the Democratic town committee passed it. Makes me glad, for at least a moment, that I'm a Democrat in Middletown. Now we must urge Daley to propose it as a resolution that the City Council will vote on. Send him an email and suggest it (

But we must remember, that it was this same committee which endorsed Creepy Joe Lieberman over the official Democratic candidate Ned Lamont. That may have been politically expedient, but if these Dems are sincere now, then it was morally dishonest. They can call Creepy Joe Lieberman every name in the book now. But they are an important part of the reason he is where he is.


Anonymous said...

Let's look at the whole picture. Can we afford to impeach a president that is truly at the end of his term. Why not pressure him to resign for the sake of the nation. Look at the money spent to impeach Clinton and the results. Most of the leaders resign before impeachment.

Ed McKeon said...

Let's see, the whole picture. We're spending $6 billion a month in Iraq, averaging 60 dead service people, not to mention untold Iraqui dead. We have a president who willfully ignores the constitution, holds prisoners without habeas corpus rights, and scolds his accusers of being unpatriotic.

There's a moral imperative at work here. Yes, he should have been impeached long ago, but damn the cost, this man needs to be put by the curb with the waste bin.