Friday, September 14, 2007

A lack of rhetoric, a lack of will, a lack of leadership

When I listened to Jack Reed's Democratic response to Bush's Oval Office speech on Iraq, I agreed with most everything he said. But I was shocked and appalled at his, and the Democratic Party's inability to deliver a fiery speech that indicts Bush, exposes his lies, and rallies the American people against the war. I think the Democratic party needs to go back and listen to the speeches of Martin Luther King, and learn.

And I'm tired of hearing "we don't have the votes." I know it's a political reality, but there are ways around it, and canny leadership would exploit those ways. If you don't have the votes, then stall. All Bush can do is veto. Send him the same bill again and again until he and the Republicans in Congress get the message from their constituents.

Who needs Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi if they can't be more forceful, and make their Republican colleagues realize that their careers are at stake if they don't stop backing the President.

Blood is flowing, and it's on the hands of every Senator and Representative if they can't find a way to stop Bush.

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