Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Compared to what, Katie

Katie Couric has been reporting from Iraq and claims to see "real progress." That, of course, would assume that she had something to compare her observations against. Has it improved since the last time she was in Iraq - doesn't seem possible since this is her first trip (with custom-made body armor, no less). Has it improved according to her escorts - likely, since even Katie indicates that she's only seeing what her military guides are allowing her to see.

Couric, in an attempt to bolster her faltering ratings and reputation, is allowing herself to be used, to the point where she actually conducted a "surprise" interview with President Bush. Wow. Neither of them ever expected the "chance" meeting in Fallujah.

Couric is doing herself, and the American public, a disservice. Leave the reporting to real reporters, who are willing to travel, observe and report independently.

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