Monday, September 24, 2007

Now that I have your attention

I was strangely gratified to find my mugshot on the Wesleying blog, forgetting that students spend much more time surfing than my contemporaries.

I've had precious little meaningful contact with Wesleyan students.

Some of it pleasant - finding a great babysitter for our identical twin boys, who became a friend over her years in Middletown; and, as we walk through campus, the usual greeting "oh look, are they twins?" which leads me to wonder about the admittance standards.

Some of it, less so - shouting "Shut the fuck up, we're trying to sleep" to students returning from a weekend (Wed-Sun) excursion downtown and returning drunk and obstreperous as they wander down my street after closing hour.

But from a polite distance, I've observed students to be smart, radical, funny, creative and interesting. Okay, you're not brats, exactly.

So, I have some questions:

Are students concerned about the amount of space given over to parking lots on campus? How about preservation of historic buildings?

I've seen notices posted for establishing an SDS chapter on campus. Is there a big anti-war, anti-Bush movement on campus?

Where do students listen to live music, or, do students listen to live music?

Does anyone listen to WESU?

Are there any students interested in local politics?

Was the tree that fell on college row a prank? And if a tree falls at Wesleyan on a Saturday night, does anyone hear it?

Just wondering.

BTW, Wesleying is great. It reminds me of the alternative student newspapers that used to get published "when I was in school."

Also, for those Wes readers wanting to sample Caterwaul radio, I won't be on Wednesday morning, I'll be in Philadelphia for the day.


Anonymous said...

You posted this at 5:00 AM? Oh, you geriatrics and your insomnia!

And, to answer as many of your questions at once as possible: The tree falling was actually an experimental music piece sponsored by SDS and broadcast live by WESU to raise awareness for historical building preservation; nobody heard it.

Ed McKeon said...

Yeah, I've got to get up early to change my diaper.

Thanks for clearing up everything I wondered about Wes in a single sentence.