Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The military defends the Constitution

When even military lawyers understand that the military tribunals (read kangaroo courts) demanded by the Bush administration are illegal, unconstitutional and un-American, it's time to shut Gitmo down.


Joe G said...

I take umbrage with the listener who was tired of you playing the "same music" every week. With this administration and the war, gitmo, scooter, lies and deception, I look forward to hearing protest music to energize me in the morning and throughout the day.
Imagine the soldiers living in Iraq, who live with IED's, sniper attacks, in a desert missing their loved ones on a daily basis. Does anybody care? Does anyone remember them?
It reminds me of the adage we use with little children "Out of sight, out of mind". We cannot afford to plead ignorance. Just because our commandant-in-chief is out of mind, does not warrant us to put this faulty administration out of sight.
With 10,000 hours of local programming of corporate crap, I crave my (sadly, only weekly) dose of ED. I could listen to "Bring Em Home" every day and be reinvigorated in my personal opposition to the war and if not, I could change the channel.
Don't stop! You and Susan are the only sane voices in the area.

Ed McKeon said...

Thanks for the thought on the other side of the issue. Actually, the listener who complained also appreciated hearing the other side of issues, but claimed, rightfully so, that I play some songs repeatedly. Some of those replays are for effect, but I'm afraid, sometimes I play the same songs at the same time each week, and I just need to spread it out a bit more. But thanks.