Monday, June 25, 2007

Frank Butash, RIP

He was a conservative and a staunch Republican, but most importantly, he had the kind of idiosyncratic take on life that made his talk show, The Refrigerator Club (no idea where the title came from), and his Tuesday Morning Jazz show at WWUH so listenable for a decade, years ago.

Hartford's the more interesting for people like Frank Butash. Sad he's gone.

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Anonymous said...

I used to have the jazz show before Frank's on WWUH in 1985 while I was an undergraduate (later on, he taught my MIS class). He was one cool guy. One morning, I was playing a Sadao Watunabe (Japanese Alto Sax player) at the end of my show and Frank walked in with an armful of whatever he was going to talk about on his show, looked over at the album jacket and then launched into a story about how he had seen Sadao in a little club in Tokyo when he was in the air force. It was a cool moment (like they all were) and pure Frank. He was a great teacher too - he turned more non-tech people into tech people just by being himself. A good guy.