Sunday, June 10, 2007

Soggy zydeco

Chris Ardoin and Nu Step

I spent the day at Strawberry Park yesterday, and though the rain was relentless from early morning until suppertime, the music and dancing was non-stop. Cory Ledet rocked the house early and it was more humid in the dance tent then it was standing in the downpour. Ledet was followed by the estimable Savoy-Doucet Band (Marc and Ann Savoy and Michael Doucet), and then followed by Chris Ardoin and Nu Step. Chef Patrick Mould cooked up a tasty alligator sauce piquante. I left for a 50th birthday party (Happy Birthday Nancy) just as the weather was clearing, and the evening performances were planned for the open ampitheater as the dance floor was being squeegeed dry.

Pat Mould's alligator sauce piquante was in high demand.

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